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    The Great River Region is one of 116 regions within the Sports Car Club of America. GRR covers the Quad City area of Iowa and Illinois and spans southeast Iowa and parts of northwestern Illinois. Our activities include Autocross, Road Racing, social meets, and safe-driving training. If you're a motorsports enthusiast looking to get involved, be sure to contact us!

    Updates and On-Goings

    Thank you to all our members, all our volunteers, and everyone who helped make 2020 such a great racing season!


    -2021 Event Guidelines for COVID-19-


    1. These strategies, guidelines, and information are based on those from the SCCA main website, the CDC, the Iowa Department of Public Health, and the Illinois Department of Public Health, where appropriate. These guidelines will continue to evolve throughout the season as the situation develops.
    2. It is expected that participants are able to understand and follow ALL special rules listed in this document in order to participate in events under the current circumstances.
    3. Updated by the 2021 GRR Autocross Committee on 5/27/2021:
    • Glenn Campbell
    • Eric Fredricks – Autocross Chair
    • Ron Gillis
    • Tim Govier
    • Jeff Wagenknecht


    1. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, PLEASE STAY HOME to protect the Solo Community!
    2. Family and spectators are allowed to be in attendance, however ALL persons in attendance are required to follow these guidelines.
    3. Bring your own masks, as these will not be provided.
    4. It is strongly recommended that competitors bring their own helmets, please see the SCCA Solo Helmet certifications to ensure that your helmet meets the requirements: Link
    5. There will be a limited number of loaner helmets available on a first-come, first-serve basis, at a rental price of $2.00 each. Loaner helmets will be issued to a single person for the duration of the event, and are not to shared with other persons during the event. Priority for use of loaner helmets will go first to competitors, and afterwards to riders. Users of a loaner helmet will be issued a disposable balaclava, which is required to be worn while using the loaner helmet.
    6. If there is a change to your registration, make it in advance to avoid lines on site. If you believe that you may be unable to attend the event for any reason, it is strongly encouraged that you cancel your registration to free up space for others, or allow persons on the waitlist to gain entry to the event.
    7. To help minimize contact at the event, please sign up before the event for the SCCA Annual Waiver at SCCA
    8. For non-members, and members who have not completed an Annual Waiver form, you will need to sign the normal waiver form. It is preferred if competitors who need to sign the normal waiver form are able to bring their own pen to sign the form, but if not, a pen will be provided for the competitor to keep after signing.


    1. If you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, masks are no longer required indoors or outdoors.
    2. If you are not vaccinated, you may still attend and participate in GRR events. However, in line with the latest CDC guidelines, it is recommended that you continue to wear a mask indoors and when near others.
    3. All individuals remain free to wear a mask in any setting at any GRR event, should they choose to.


    1. Directions: go to SCCA - Member Resources - File Cabinet – Waivers – Annual Waiver Adult 1306 & Print form
    2. Upload your completed Annual Waiver at SCCA My Profile – My Documents – Add Document button


    1. Online registration through MotorsportReg is strongly encouraged, to allow for advance planning and minimize the need for face-to-face interaction between our registration workers and other competitors.


    1. For SCCA members interested in completing an annual tech with GRR, it is strongly encouraged that competitors print off the GRR 2021 Annual Tech form, and pre-fill in their own details prior to arrival to minimize contact.
    2. If you are an SCCA member who has been granted an annual tech from another SCCA region, we will be honoring these annual techs. Please point out any existing annual tech sticker or other documentation you may have to the Chief of Tech, and you will be issued a GRR annual tech sticker.


    1. These Event Guidelines for operating under the conditions of COVID-19 may be updated or revised at any time by the GRR Autocross Committee, based on the prevailing conditions regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and any local restrictions in place. A review of these guidelines will be made compared with prevailing conditions ahead of each event, to determine if changes need to be made through the season.
    2. After an update or revision has been made, the newest available version of these special rules will be distributed by all means available (Facebook, MotorsportReg, e-mail, etc.).

    8. CONTACT

    1. For any questions about these Event Guidelines, please contact the Autocross Chair, Eric Fredricks, at email.


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