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    The Great River Region is one of 116 regions within the Sports Car Club of America. GRR covers the Quad City area of Iowa and Illinois and spans southeast Iowa and parts of northwestern Illinois. Our activities include Autocross, Road Racing, social meets, and safe-driving training. If you're a motorsports enthusiast looking to get involved, be sure to contact us!

    Updates and On-Goings

    Thank you to all our members, all our volunteers, and everyone who helped make 2019 such a great racing season!



    As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, there are a number of measures we are implementing to try and keep our members, competitors, family and friends safe, and minimize/reduce the spread of COVID-19. A short summary of these measures is listed below. A more detailed version can be found in our event information on MotorsportReg and Facebook, and will be regularly updated and re-issued prior to each event by all available means.

    Special Event Operating Procedures

    1. Events will be capped
    a. Iowa National Guard = 75 competitors
    b. TaxSlayer Center = 50 competitors
    c. Brady Street Stadium = 50 competitors
    2. Online registration is strongly encouraged
    3. Once the event cap is reached, any additional registrations will go on waitlist
    4. If you have registered and are unable to attend for any reason, please cancel registration ahead of the event to allow others to register
    5. Annual waivers for SCCA members are strongly encouraged
    a. Form must be printed and submitted in color
    b. Link to annual waiver form.
    6. For non-members, and members who have not completed an annual waiver, we will still be using the regular waiver sheet to be signed on-site
    a. We are working towards the use of e-waivers as soon as possible
    7. When in parking/paddock, please park with additional space between your vehicle and the next one Special Rules for COVID-19
    1. Participants must understand and follow ALL of these rules to be allowed to compete at an event
    2. Masks or face coverings are MANDATORY for all persons on site when outside of a vehicle
    a. This includes competitors and non-competing persons
    b. Masks will not be supplied by Great River Region, all attendees must bring their own
    3. Social distancing MUST be adhered to as much as possible
    a. 6 feet separating persons who are not members of the same household
    4. Loaner helmets are not available, all competitors and any ride-alongs must bring their own helmet
    a. See the following link for eligible helmets
    5. Our Rookie Coordinator program is still available, but will be modified to account for social distancing
    6. Walk-up entries are allowed ONLY if the event cap has not been reached before the end of on-site registration
    7. Competitors are allowed to bring one family member from the same household as “crew”
    a. This +1 can ride along, or spectate
    b. All rules regarding mask use and social distancing still apply
    8. Any spectators beyond the allowance noted above for competitors noted above are PROHIBITED
    9. Ride-alongs are only allowed if both persons are members of the same household
    10. Self-tech will be conducted, with oversight from the Chief of Tech or an additional appointed tech worker if necessary
    a. SCCA members are encouraged to complete an annual tech form
    b. Annual Techs which are issued by other SCCA regions will be accepted
    11. Non-compliance with any of the special rules for COVID-19 will result first in a warning, with further non-compliance resulting in the competitor being asked to leave the event, with a DSQ applied to the competitor’s times


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    We are using MotorsportReg again for 2020, so please take the time to register here to keep yourself at the front of the line at every event.


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